QAAF in Media

Pune Mirror (QAAF – Pune 2015)

The queer and allied arts festival debuts in the city to encourage creativity and greater understanding of LGBT communities..!

Even as the world finds new reasons to tear itself apart, one draws hope from a handful of people choosing to go against the tide to make a difference. And the Queer and Allied Arts Festival 2015, organized by MIST, is one such venture that you must make time for today.

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The New Indian Express (QAAF – Chennai 2016)

Queer and Ally Art Fest Comes to Chennai..!

Stand-up comedy Umrao John (that’s not a typo), male belly dancing, emcee in a drag outfit — these are just some of the events lined up for the Queer and Ally Art Festival (QAAF) on May 8. “We will have six artists from across the country and about 15 from Chennai,” informs Shyam Konnur, one of the organisers and the founder of MIST, a Bengaluru-based LGBT collective. The fest is open to all and aims to unite LGBTQ and other artists. It will be held at Spaces, Besant Nagar and entry is free.

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Deccan Chronicle (QAAF – Chennai 2016)

The Queer and Allies Art Festival is here in Chennai to give us a chance to celebrate the LGBTQI+ community..!

Queer and Allies Art Festival (QAAF) is a one-of-a-kind festival that celebrates the LGBTQI+ and other non-conforming gender identities and sexualities. It has made its way from Bengaluru and Pune to Chennai and is set to create conversations and give a platform for creativity.

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The Times of India (QAAF – Hyderabad 2016)

This Queer cultural festival was a crowd-puller..!

On Sunday, Lamakaan came alive to the colours of the Queer and Allies Art Festival. A confluence of arts, crafts and performances from across India, the fest showcased the talent and artistry of LGBTQ community from across India.

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Hyderabad Times (QAAF – Hyderabad 2017)

LGBT Artists, craftspeople and performers from different parts of the city and other states, joined hands to send out a simple message: It doesn’t matter who you love or how you love, but that you love!

‘cos Life Gets Better Together…

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